The Most Expensive Hotels in Bangalore City

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Published: 10th January 2012
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The ‘Garden City’ of Bangalore is one place where you can enjoy the pleasant climate, friendly people, beautiful gardens and places where you can forget the hustle-bustle of the noisy town and engulf the peacefulness. Here in this beautiful city you will come across a wide range of tourist attractions which will really fascinate you. With the growing number of tourists in the city, the tourism industry has been gaining a good popularity with these attractions. As a result of the growth in the tourism industry, there has also been a considerable raise in the number of hotels in Bangalore. So next time you plan your tour to this city, you need not worry about the choice of accommodation that suites you the best.

For all the business and leisure travelers who are planning to visit Bangalore for your next business or holiday destination, respectively, you would be glad to know that the city homes a wide range of comfortable accommodations. If money is no boundary for you and you want to stay in style, you will be glad to know the most expensive hotels in Bangalore city awaits you for a comfortable stay. Three such hotels which will let you escape into the wonderland of comfort, style and relaxation. These expansive hotels in Bangalore city homes all the international standards of service beautifully intermixed with traditional Indian hospitality.

Few Most Expensive Hotels in Bangalore City:

The Oberoi Hotel: If you are a business traveler and would not compromise with your accommodation in any of your business tours, you will be glad to know that The Oberoi Hotels is one of the most Expensive Business Hotels in Bangalore city. Next time you plan for a business tour to the ‘Garden City’, you know where to stay. This luxury hotel is conveniently situated in the MG road. Here at this hotel you can enjoy all the international amenities and spend your stay in the most posh way you can ever imagine. Though the tariffs are way high, yet if need style and comfort, here at this hotel you get style and comfort! The hotel is the best place to retreat after a day long business conference. The beautiful garden that surrounds the hotel will surely give you a soothing time and help you relax. Marvel at the colourful flowers, the lush green trees and the refreshing aura. Moreover, here at The Oberoi Hotel you can also visit the restaurants where you can relish of the lip smacking cuisines. Make each day of your business day count at this expensive hotel in Bangalore City.

Taj West End Hotel: Irrespective of what your motive of travel is, you will have a gala time with your stay at the Taj West End Hotel. This hotel too falls into the category of the most expensive hotels in Bangalore City with the minimum of 22 grand on a room per night. This luxury hotel is the perfect abode of comfort and lavishness. Here at this hotel you can pamper yourself with all that amenities meant to give you a fantastic time. The best part is that the hotel gives you a splendid time during the night which you will cherish forever. Not to forget the mention of the infrastructure of the hotel. This adds more pleasure to your stay. Few very interesting services that you can attain from this lavish hotel is that you can either opt for suites with smoking and non smoking restrictions, separate rooms for your privacy, in house swimming pools, Jacuzzi, relaxing spas and many other facilities. If money is not to be worried for, this expensive hotel in Bangalore City will let you feel like staying in your dreamland.

The Leela Palace Hotel: For the entire group of leisure travelers who have decided for a lavish break into the ‘Garden City’, the Leela Palace Hotel is the best option for you. This hotel too falls into the list of the most expensive hotels in Bangalore city. This beautiful city is situated on Old Airport Road making it more popular and famous. Here at this elite hotel you can enjoy all that needs to make your stay a lavish stay. If you can afford it you can expect to live the life of a celebrity, here at this fascinating hotel. As you book yourself at this hotel you can enjoy the royal club, the refreshing spas, the fantabulous dinners and the traditional Indian hospitality. let your stay add more pleasure to your tour.

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