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Published: 24th October 2012
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If anybody is really interested to take the utmost feel of adventure and excitement then Goa is unquestionably ever best destination. Goa is popularly known as the Pearl of the Orient" and a "Tourist Paradise". It is situated in the coastal belt of India”Konkan”. Goa as a place is the famous for its beaches divided into north and south zones. The activities which a visitor can opt for are sun bathing, shopping, water sports, eating out, clubbing of night parties etc.

Morning in Goa is more scenic and stunningly beautiful which is supplemented with padding of boats by the fishermen at the sea shores, swaying of palm trees ,flying of colorful birds, their soothing and buzzing voices.

Honeymoon in Goa is really romantic as it is like a dream place and hot spot for the newly wedded couple. Goa for his excellent beauty and romantic surrounding paves the way to those who really want to enjoy the eternal beauty with the loved ones.

Plans to visit Goa is as simple as other locations in India. It is well connected with the major four metro cities. The national and international airports are also made available. There are basically two main stations, one at vasco da Gama and Marago. During summer and winter season Goa is really a marvelous place to taste the thrill, excitement and adventures.
The accommodation in Goa is also amazing which attracts a large populace to stay in and give an opportunity to stay in touch with the enigmatic sensation. In Goa there is end numbers of hotels, resorts, pubs, rental home facilities. The month of March and November witnesses a large numbers of crowds.

Goa is the real place of shopaholic people and the real destination for food lovers. The sea foods are the staple food of goa. Other than that fish curry, crab, prawn, oyster, chourisso (pickled pig's liver cooked in vinegar with tamarind) & vindalho (spicy pork).If a tourist is missing his own food means the desi things then he is also welcome to the land of goa. Goa will provide him marwari thali, Gujarati thali, rajastani thali and many more desi items. One can find a wide range of continental food to taste.

If food part is that interesting what we will describe about the behaverages and drinking stuffs. They are just awesome. The variety would be feni (a popular fruit juice), varieties of wines, mock tails and so fourth. What ever the nationality a person belongs from he just can’t resist himself to relish the goan food ranging from different rates. Generally goan hotels and restaurants all are situated near to beaches. So it feels really relaxing to have a sun bath added with thirst-quenching feni and richely cooked sea foods.
There is no doubt that Goa is a tiny state nevertheless it has many resorts for visitors to stay in. The famous resorts in goa are cheap and affordable which attracts tourist’s front every nook and corner of world. The resorts are hotel victor exotica, sukhmantra spa and resort, the nazri resort, bagmallo beach resort, whispering palm beaches resort, bay watch resort.

Goa is a place for all kind and category of people. If a person wants to rests in a place of tranquility and want to feel the silent shimmering around of sea beaches then south goa could be a right choice. On the other part, If a tourist wants to tune to the steps of wild music, DJ nights, carnival festivals, clubbing etc then north goa will be the best to Endeavour.

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